"An idiot admires complexity, a genius admires simplicity"

- Terry A. Davis

Software Freedom
and Open Source

I believe in Free/Libre software, not necessarily gratis, but free. If something is deemed 'Free software', the user can run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. Free software is defined by the license. Learn more about the Four Freedoms here.

Free Software can also be open source, open source is more of a development idea, that multiple people can work on a piece of software.

Your data is yours.

Part of cutting out companys like Google and Facebook is taking back your privacy and your data. Services like Nextcloud, paired with a search engine like DuckDuckGo allow you to have the same conveniences of Google, but in a more privacy respecting manner.


These are some services that I offer:

Web Hosting

Any static website.

Wordpress sites, Ghost sites, Hugo sites, etc.

Applications like Nextcloud, Discourse, WikiJS,
and more, if you have any questions or
recommendations email me!

Server side applications like Discord bots.

File Storage

Nextcloud - A free/libre Open Source file storage
and communication platform.

ownCloud - Very similar to Nextcloud.

MyDrive - A free/libre and open source Google Drive clone

Game Servers

List of games include:

If you have need a game hosted that I don't provide contact me and we may work something out.

Contact me


Donate and Cryptography

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I am currently a student so sometimes I may be a little slow to respond, give me a week and if I haven't responded try and contact me again.

If you send me an encrypted mail, please assure I can obtain your public key without too much effort.