First Post

June 27, 2022

Ethan Carter Edwards

Hello World! How does this site work?

This is my blog, which features some pretty cool stuff. For example, code highlighting, quote changers, and an about page.

Code highlighting!

const doStuff = () => {
	return console.log('hey');

It is built on NextJS, React, and Express (although not much express is used.). I also use some pretty cool smaller libraries for various different functionalities.

Blog posts are written in MDX.

Additionally, the cool quote changer on the main page is powered by an API that I wrote! Powered by Python and Flask.

Although at the time of writing, the site may not be the prettiest, I am confident that it will look good in enough time.

You can view the site source code on GitHub, feel free to submit pull requests if you see anything you can improve on!

A bit about me

Right now, I am a full time student, working concurrently on both my high school and college degrees. Despite being a student, I do work as consulting and engineering for various small businesses around me. I also write for StorageReview occasionally. I have been using Linux full time since 7th grade, and my current distro of choice is Arch Linux with LVM on LUKS. My daily driver is a FrameWork laptop, and I have a desktop computer with a Ryzen 2600X alongside 16G of RAM. These machines however are dwarfed in power by my homelab, which consists of a cluster of Raspberry Pis ;). My homelab is currently hosting my site, but it may move locations in the future, but that's for another post.

I also have hobbies outside of tech. I am a cuber, reader, language learner, and mathematics lover. I am teaching myself Spanish through Refold, of which I am a huge proponent. This topic also deserves its own post. I plan on writing here a lot, although, everyone says that.

I am also super excited to talk about the books I am reading. I mostly read fiction, primarily Sci-Fi and Fantasy. But I also read lots of non-fiction, ranging from the history of an obscure religion to how electronics work. I love learning and I will read anything that you put in front of me.


This is the end of my first blog post, I hope you enjoyed reading it.